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A thesis is unarguably the most important part of academic fulfillment. Theses are majorly made for two levels- Masters and PhD. Structuring and creating the thesis research requires great expertise. Project Guru offers various options for thesis writing service- right from selection of the topic to submitting the transcripts of the interview. The objective is to ease your burden by offering you a complete package which saves you the bother of investing hours of labor everyday.

Thesis writing process starts with the selection of the topic

Our thesis writing service is one of the best in class for a range of subjects like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, I.T., Sciences and Literature. After you decide your topic, a research proposal can be availed from our ‘Synopsis’ section. Availing a thesis as well as a proposal can get you an attractive discount of upto 10% off, depending on your requirement.


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Happy Customers are Project Guru’s biggest asset. Our commitment to quality, timely delivery and communication have resulted in thousands of satisfied customers every year which inculcates a positive brand image for our company. We welcome feedback from our customers, rectify it and work towards a permanent solution to every potential problem. Our customers understand that monetary gains is our last priority, because of which they trust our services with repeat orders.


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Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertation Writing Services Dissertation Writing Services India | Dissertation Help | PhD Thesis Writing Services - Since 2007:

Call Our 24 X 7 response office for all your Dissertation writing services requirement, Dissertation Help needs and statistics assistance. You may also contact for your PhD Thesis writing help queries. Email: kiran.doshi@elkindia.com or call at +91-11-45537236

ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd (EECPL) is India's No.1 Dissertation writing and editing company. We provide extensive topic search and support for UK Dissertations and PhD Thesis Writing. Dissertation Help is a research support service offered to promote research and interest amongst research scholars. Detailed videos and explanation calls are conducted regularly for UK Dissertation Help & PhD Thesis Help. Dissertation writing services offered by EECPL provide expert research assistance and ensure that each research document is produced as per the specification laid out.

Dissertation, Assignment and PhD Thesis Writing Service:

ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd (EECPL) offers one of the most reliable service for completing your Master's Dissertation, Assignment or PhD Thesis. Expert guidance and professional service forms integral part of this service. We undertake limited jobs at any particular time to ensure best quality and service to our clients. EECPL is leading leading educational research firm and offers you the genuine and original content for your Dissertation/Thesis submission Help for Topic identification for Dissertation/Assignment/Thesis:

We offer free guidance on topic identification for your Dissertation, Assignments or Thesis. Our expert panel on each topic gets personally involved with the student and suggests the best topic ensuring coverage, ease of understanding and uniqueness to your work. UK Dissertations and Assignments are our specialised area of operation. Dissertation writing and assignment writing service has completed over 2800 projects till April, 2012.

Dissertation Writing Service - What it entails:

Our team based in India interacts continously with you to understand in detail the requirements of your professors and universities. Specialised help is offered for UK Dissertation Writing Services (Harvard Referencing is followed and Plagiarism Free work is provided) wherein EECPL has developed upon an ethical student support model for dissertation completion. EECPL provides online tutoring and mentoring to students for completing their thesis/dissertation.Weekly calls on the progress of the work and regular feedback from your professors enable us to deliver that best suits your requirement. Proposal Development and Literature Review :

* Research Design and Methodology

* Database Construction and Collection of Data

* Questionnaire Development

* Statistics and Data Analysis(SPSS, Minitab & SAS)

* Results Presentation and Reports Preparation

Dissertation Statistics | PhD Thesis Statistics Help using SPSS, STATA, E-Views or SAS EECPL offers one of the best and expert help for statistical analysis in any research work. Our statisticians are trained for delivering data analysis quickly to you along with the explanation. The SPSS help in India has been our one of the most popular services. With over 93% success rate in completing research support services, ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd offers the most reliable service for Dissertation & Thesis Writing.

SPSS Help is thesis/dissertations has helped researchers from various fields including architecture, Life science, Finance and Engineering to complete the research work in time and with better knowledge. SPSS help in India provides exclusive mentoring and support for thesis completion. Thesis writing in india and dissertation writing services include the spss help service in most quotations. SPSS Help India service offers complete SPSS help on dissertations and thesis.

SPSS Help in India is an extension of our ongoing SPSS Training offering to research students. As such, the service of SPSS Help draws its resources from exisiting team of SPSS training. The SPSS Help service forms part of the dissertation help. Since the gamut of services in Dissertation Help in large, it is practically difficult to define the services range.

Dissertation Help | UK Courseworks Dissertation Help on piece meal work in a dissertation or thesis is offered by ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd. Dissertation Help is offered to ensure the research student completes the research work in slated work schedule and at the same time the work is credit worthy as per the requirements. Dissertation help India/Dissertation Help in India is offered for dissertations in MA for Indian Universities.

Dissertation Help India is our service designed for completing the work for Indian research scholars on dissertation writing or thesis writing. The work is done by our expert writing team who are well versed with the nuances of the research writing and critical analysis. The dissertations thus developed by us are at par to the international standards. Dissertation Help also enables the student to work only on literature review, research methodology, data collection, data analysis or conclusion writing. Dissertation India service is clubbed with dissertation writing services for master's work and thesis writing india and spss help for thesis is clubbed for Phd level work.

In the service of dissertation help in India, dissertation topics choice is done free of cost. Our dissertation writers and thesis writers have experience of at least completing 5-6 PhD thesis or post graduate level dissertations. Dissertation topics choice is offered as a complimentary service for research students to enable them to choose the right topic for their research.

Dissertation Help service of EECPL has completed work for students from UK, Ireland, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Algeria, Kenya, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Korea, Jordan, Brazil, Russia and many other countries.

Finding the Right Dissertation Outsourcing The term outsourcing has earned a relatively low reputation, and this is unfortunate because not all outsourcing is a "bad" thing. Consider something like dissertation outsourcing that uses only people who are highly trained in proper academic writing and who are incredibly skilled at proofreading for grammar, spelling, content, clarity and proper formatting.

Remember that you will have to consider the quality of the companies before making your choice for dissertation outsourcing, and this is no different than any other service you might outsource. For example, you want to explore your options in dissertation outsourcing by visiting the websites of the different providers, making comparisons of what each has to offer, and looking for any sort of feedback or user reviews.

When you find a service that has been around for a number of years, you can already identify it as a viable candidate for your dissertation outsourcing. This is because it takes success to remain afloat, and any dissertation service with seven or more years of experience is going to provide you with a good solution.

You may find a few services that have this many years of work "under their belt," and that means that you'll have to then consider some secondary factors. For example, what is the range of service provided? Just consider that a mediocre service offering little more than enhanced proofreading can easily survive for decades, and this is especially true in the modern period when college students are busier than ever. Be aware that a lot of students turn to dissertation services to tackle the proofreading and layout of their papers and reports, and that this is very different from the skills required for a dissertation.

Look through the list of services to be sure that you get formatting and citations according to your school's guidelines and preferences. Be sure that you get citation and reference checking to provide you with a flawless bibliography as well. Double check that the service is going to give you some "tips" or "pointers" for improving the clarity of the document when the proofreader comes across any areas of weakness. You may also want to be sure that the service does not re-sell any of the custom work that they provide to you, and if they do be sure that there is a "ten year lock" on their ability to do so.

When you are writing a dissertation you want to be sure that your assistance and help is not going to end up doing any harm, and a bit of legwork can help you make the best choice.

Our areas of specialisation include the following::-

  • All management related fields. Marketing, Finance, Project Management, HR, E-business, IT, Operations and all related topics.
  • Technical (Limited to Engineering) subjects.
  • Hospitality management.
  • Economics and International Finance.
  • Law
  • Architecture.
  • Nutrition & Biological sciences(Bio Statistics Outsource to India)
  • Hospital Administration..
  • To make your dissertation/thesis or assignment stand out if the crowd, write an email to us at : kiran.doshi@elkindia.com or call at +91-11-48111100

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