Primate Evolution Essay Questions

Cystic Fibrosis
Down’s syndrome
Edward’s syndrome
Cat Eye Syndrome
Human genome project
Sickle cell anemia
Tay Sachs
Antibiotic resistance: human and pathogen co-evolution
CCR5 gene, AIDS, and potential previous disease exposure and selection
Founders effect
Old Order Amish
the Eugenics Movement

Primate and Hominid Paleontology
Ida – Darwinius masillae
Evolution of Language
Human Life Cycle
Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis)
Extinction of giant lemurs on Madagascar

Primate Adaptations
Comparing bones of bipeds and quadrupeds
Primate Diet Evolution
Evolution of the tapetum lucidum

Other Topics in Human Evolution
Exercise impacts on bone
Hair—theories on loss in humans
High altitude adaptation
Tool use
Evolution of the brain
Evolution of language

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  • When Regulatory Strategies Turn Maladaptive: An Analysis
  • Use of Animals for Research
  • Ray Bradbury’s There Will Come Soft Rains and James Tiptree Jr.'s The Last Flight of Dr. Ain
  • Malaria
  • Social Phsycology
  • Abraham Harold Maslow and Self-Actualization
  • The History of Human Evolution
  • Examination of the Genetic Diversity of the Mountain Gorilla
  • Filariasis, Malaria, Dengue Fever and Lyme Disease
  • Velociraptors: Fact and Fiction
  • Animal Testing Is Wrong
  • Animal Dilemma
  • Sexual Selection: Fact or Fiction
  • The Many Forms of Art
  • Uses of Mobile Phones
  • Comparing How Various Anthropologists Discovered Anthropology as a Career
  • Vocabulary List with Definitions
  • Musical Taste Buds: How and Why We Have Musical Tendencies
  • The Whale as Symbol in Moby Dick
  • Homo Aquaticus?
  • What makes asian growth so phenomenal
  • Animal Testing is Wrong
  • The History and Treatments of the Virus Ebola
  • History of Stem Cells
  • Thoeries Of Evolution
  • Animal Experimentation Pros and Cons
  • Biomes of the World
  • Contemporary Issues Facing the Trinity
  • Evolution and Creation
  • Animal Testing is Vital to Medical Advances
  • Creative Writing: The Greatest Video Game
  • Analysis of the Orangutan Pongo Pygmaeus
  • Critical Analysis of Clive Thomas’s I’m So Totally, Digitally Close To You”
  • The Ebola Virus
  • Human Geo Ch. 12-13
  • Transcending Evolution: The Human Consciousness, or The Soul
  • For Animal Rights
  • Electronic Text
  • Endangered Species Legislation
  • Negative Aspects of Animal Testing
  • The Causes of Altruism
  • The Cruelty of Animal Testing
  • Compare and Contrast the Work of Harlow and Skinner
  • Role of Mutated Gene in the Evolution of Large Brained, Small-Jawed Humans
  • Evolutionism Vs Creationism
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Altruism: The Illusion of Self-Interest
  • Hepatitis A Virus
  • Uner Tan Syndrome: The Ulas Family
  • Evolution Scientific Inaccuracies
  • Would World Affairs Be More Peaceful If Women Dominated Politics?
  • Cosmetics Testing on Animals, Is It Necessary?
  • Reflective Writing # 2
  • The Biological Limits to Gender Constructivism by Richard Udry
  • Biography of St Thomas Becket
  • New World, New Mind: Changing the Way We Make Decisions
  • Recommended Biosafety Levels for Infectious Agents and Infected Animals
  • Jane Goodall is a Zoologist Who Made a Huge Impact on Chimpanzees
  • Limitation on Animal Testing
  • Development in The People's Republic of Bangladesh
  • Costa Coffee
  • The Human Genome Project
  • Treatment for Ebola
  • Genetic Engineering: Rights and Responsibilities
  • Animal Rights and Laws
  • AIDS: The Modern Day Epidemic
  • A Discussion on the Necessity of Mothers
  • Bullying and Mass School Shootings
  • Analysis of Animal Treatment in Circus
  • The Fiction of Literature: Folk Tales, Fan Fiction, and Oral Tradition in the Internet Age
  • Chimpanzee
  • Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrahagic
  • APES chapter 1 &2 study guide
  • Xenotransplantation
  • The Unethical Treatment of Animals
  • Can Intelligent Design be Empirically Proven
  • Handling the Brain
  • Malaria Parasite Plasmodium and the Epidemiology of the Disease
  • Questions and Answer: What Makes Us Different From Chimps and Other Species?
  • Altruism VS The Selfish Gene
  • Peception Involves Bottom and Top Down Processing
  • Bonobo Research Paper
  • Serving the Public and the Animals
  • Zoos, Circuses, and Aquariums: Cruel and Unjust
  • Taxonomy
  • Evolution and Fossil Fuels

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