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The Housing and Utilities page provides a quick overview of some of the different housing resources and tips that students employ to find housing in neighboring communities, as well as links for setting up your utilities. While some students choose to live in University Apartments, many students prefer to live off-campus in privately-owned housing. Below is useful information and links to aide in your relocation process to the Los Angeles area.

If you are interested in the possibility of living in a UCLA-owned University Apartment managed by the UCLA Housing office, you must first submit an online application via the My Housing portal. You must submit the completed application and $30 application fee in order to be considered for a University Apartment. The application will be available starting in mid-January. We strongly advise that you check the My Housing portal for the application as soon as you can and apply early. All applicants who have been accepted by UCLA Anderson can apply, however, there are not enough University Apartments to accommodate all requests. You will need to have your University Identification Number. Please note that UCLA Anderson is not involved in this process. If you need any further assistance please contact UCLA Housing directly at (310) 825-4271.

The selection and allocation process for University Apartments is dependent on whether you are applying for Single Graduate housing or Family/Mix use housing.

Single graduate housing is assigned based on a lottery system, and not by when you submit your housing application. The lottery is a campuswide lottery and includes all graduate students across all UCLA programs. Single graduate housing leasing is done on a contract basis yielding mass move outs throughout the summer. As a result, the lottery process can begin as early as mid-June and continue throughout the summer until all spaces have been contracted. You will be assigned a random priority number by the UCLA Housing office that will be used to determine your place on the housing list. You can view the single graduate housing timeline here

Family and mixed use housing are also assigned using a lottery system. Please note that there are less family and mixed use apartments available than single graduate apartments so we strongly advise that you apply early. As stated above, there are not enough University Apartments to accommodate all requests. Family and mixed use rental agreements are month-to-month, therefore vacancies are incremental and offers are done in small batches based on the application date. Family and mixed housing assignments can begin as early as mid-June and continue throughout the academic year. You can view the family and mixed use timeline here.

In addition to the regular housing process administered by UCLA Housing, UCLA Anderson is given a very limited number of housing units that it can award directly to incoming MBA students. If you would like to increase your chances for a housing assignment and be considered for one of these spots, complete the UCLA Anderson Housing Survey, which will be sent to you in April/May in one of our Admit Blasts. You cannot apply for this option unless you have submitted your tuition deposit.

Key Take Aways:

• Apply for university housing upon admission (applications start in January).
• Increase your chances of securing housing by completing our Housing Survey in April/May.

Many MBA students opt to rent off-campus, privately owned housing in the popular and convenient neighborhoods of Brentwood, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Westwood and the South Bay area, which includes a number of different communities. UCLA is located in Westwood, but Brentwood, Santa Monica, and West Los Angeles are fairly close to campus. Two-thirds of UCLA's students choose to live within five miles of campus, half of that number within a mile. The Community Housing Office at UCLA has more detailed information available on its website, which provides descriptions of Los Angeles neighborhoods, cost information and roommate/apartment listings.

View Community HousingWestside RentalsVeryApt Housing Guide(A housing guide with reviews and advice from 300+ UCLA Anderson students) The Daily Bruin Classifieds WestsideRentals.com(Single accounts cost around $60 for a 60-day subscription) craigslist.org rent.com zumahousing.com

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    Arrive Early 
    Although there are always apartments available, you'll have more options if you arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to look around. Many leases in the campus area begin on September 1. Returning undergraduates usually arrange housing before they leave for the summer, which means that some apartments will already be rented out.

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    Spend Time Exploring 
    One of the best ways to find a good apartment in Los Angeles is to spend time walking or driving around a neighborhood you like. Many landlords don't put listings in the papers, but instead put signs up in front of their buildings.

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    Consider Transportation
    You should consider living either within walking/biking distance of campus or near a bus line. West L.A. is known for having great public transportation.

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    Ask Your Classmates 
    Your fellow classmates can be a great source of housing information. Many students have found housing and roommates through their class's Facebook group. You also can find roommates at regional UCLA Anderson mixers, A-Days, etc.

    View Class of 2020 Facebook Group
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    Note for International Students 
    When you first rent an apartment, the apartment manager will typically do a credit check to ensure that you can pay your rent. If you do not have a U.S. credit history, some rental management companies may ask for an additional deposit, which in some cases might be equivalent to several months of rent; or they may require a co-signer who has a good U.S. credit history.

Once you decide where to live and have signed a rental agreement, you will then need to set up your utilities. Below are links to some of the local utility companies that you can explore further.

Electricity and Water

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Southern California Edison


Southern California Gas

Television and Internet Service

Time Warner Cable / Spectrum


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